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Ohmygodimonfire! Ohmygodimonfire!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Needs more cow bell!

Simple, cute, brilliant.

'Wet Floor' 'Wet Floor'

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice extras

It was really cool getting to see the process and how it was made. A bit short but complete.
Nice job

Goodbye Blue Skye Goodbye Blue Skye

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Excelent Authors Comments

Great Authors comments (+1). I hope to see more, full detail, authors comments from you in future. Others could benefit from such verbose comments.

Perhaps there was some error (consider contacting you ISP) uploading you flash, as it has little if anything to do with your superlative author comments.

Hope you can correct those technical problems soon. :)

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Galactic Voyage Galactic Voyage

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Kind of fun. A few frustrations keep it from being really good.

The good: Nice 8-bit art and soundtrack. Defense/collect shooter mechanics are solid.

The OK: There are some resolution differences like the home station and the health bars that seem odd. The health works, but the station seems out of sync with the rest of the 8-bit graphics. The title has the same problem.

The frustrating: Turning left! The player has a choice to stay near the station in relative safety or go out and collect red orbs for health. That is a great choice for players to make. But then you go out and turn around coming back, effectively you stop shooting at your enemy. This is bad.

This feels like a first attempt and is a really solid try. Some balance with the health:damage and right facing only and we have a winner.

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FrankJohnson responds:

Thanks for the criticism I will really keep it in mind! And for the turning left part I thought that it would be kind of a strategical thing of when to choose to go and risk getting your base hurt or staying and defending, But a lot of people have complained about it so I might just change it. Thanks again!

2030 2030

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This has huge potential and serious balance problems.

The good: The visual style is great. The controles take some getting use to but are functional. The music is good and fits the theme of the game (Though a little repetitive). The mix of different missions is good and the idea of slowly upgrading is also good. As you become more wanted, more enemies appear and they slowly become more difficult.
The world is randomly generated and the difficulty of different enemies makes for a variety of gameplay.

The bad: For a game to be great we have to think about how our decisions. Being an open world game you as the player have the choice of when to engage. If you don't want to take the fight to the enemy, you don't have to. This would be great if the upgrade system was closer matched with the risk/rewards.

Good Example: Mission: Destroy three rocks. Difficulty (tutorial/easy) get use to flying and shooting. The reward for the rocks is 1-3 gold. The mission once complete will then reward you with 15 gold (or worth of items).
This is a great mission; if you get caught in the after explosions of the rocks you'll need the 15 gold just to reful and repair. If you are good at this mission you will ony need to refule and your up 10-12 gold. The the return is a great positive.

Bad example: Mission: Destroy two crusers. Difficulty (medium/hard) You need to engage ships with superior fire-power and health. In addition, aonce you gain a wanted level for destroying a ship: other ships, and structures will start gunning for you. This will continue untill you pay the corruption fee to get them off your back or complete the mission. This mission is slightly cost effective. Each cruser is worth 100 gold, but you will easily pay 80 to refule and repair. I had to mine rocks untill I had both upgraded guns (200 total cost) to be able to engage them. I also spent about 20 gold worth if missles to take them and my persuers down. The reward for the mission was a pretty trivial number of bombs.

The effort of the mission did not reflect the reward. Additionally I felt after I had upgraded my guns, the real fire power was in consumable missles and bombs. Buying armour and extra fule was just a waste of money.


With an open world you want to feel like your choices matter. With an upgrade system you want to feel that you will eventually become better than your foes. In this game you feel like that is achieveable, but only if you mine rocks for 20 hours.

How to fix it:
The key part of this needs to be the gradeation. As soon as you become wanted level 1 friendly bases start shooting down hostiles. But every hostile shot down increases your wanted level. This means that the longer you stay near friendly bases, the higher your wanted level will become. This feeling of being either the most wanted freedom fighter in a galactic war, or just some rock miner is what is turning people away from the game.

By stepping this out. E.g. Make the wanted system out of 100. Cargos and interceptiors add 1, cruisers add 8, bunkers add 15, ... up to the alien ship that adds 80. Make the level of wantedness meaningful. HQs won't fire at you if your wanted is anything less than 40. Cruisers will take the occasional post shot if your wanted is higher than ten but wont fire at full speed untill it passes 30 and they will hold back on the homeing missles untill your wanted level breaks 70. These are just rough numbers, but hopefully the idea is clear.

I love the fact that the updates are making this better, keep it up. I hope to come back in a couple months to a 5 of a game.

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zzulian responds:

Fixed, and thanks again.

Hard.Point Hard.Point

Rated 1 / 5 stars

The premis of a good game is there. The tank handles like a tank, and the graphics are really pretty good.

Why a 1 then? There are some major missing elements.

The biggest problem is that to play again, you need to reload. This could be a firefox bug, having to reload the page every time was super frustrating.

The cannon firs in an arc which is great, but without even a centre reticle I felt like I was just shooting randomly.

I like that the tank gets damages in water, but powerups and enemy AI need to know that. I watched enemy tanks drive into and get stuck in water only to have there power ups grop there once I had killed them. If the tank had a magentic feild that pulled in powerups once they were in range, this would be solved.

Overall this game needs some tweeks. It could be great and there isn't a lot of work, but at time of writing, there are enough negitives to make it not that much fun.

Please update when you get the chance, would love to see a fuller version of this. :)

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Recent Audio Reviews

Burst In To Flame Burst In To Flame

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Solid flaming rock

This is awsome.
The good points: Excelent start with a nice progression. The sampling was great and the mixing well done (despite authors comments to he contrary :)

Why not a ten: There are parts in the song that seem to just loop. The two kind of yelling voices. It seems like it is going to build (like the font) and mix with the other two samples, but it just kinda leaves me a bit flat. 9 outa 10 flat that is!

An Integral Part (reprise) An Integral Part (reprise)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very sweet trance with a heavy back beat

Great from start to end. It was soothing with energy, varied and sweet overall. My only complaint was that the back beat felt sharp. By sharp I mean that the beat felt too strong. Compare the 2:50 mark and the 3:10 mark. The sudden return of the back beat is clear and a bit jarring.

-^Journey to Defeat^- -^Journey to Defeat^-

Rated 2 / 5 stars

SNES naustalgia

Nice start and some pretty cool sounds, but is sounded a bit shallow. From the start it sounded like it was gonna build up but the background never picks up and the bass never kicks in.
Nice first submission and some cool slides. Keep it up!